Oculus DDRM Framework

A disciplined, data-driven approach to IT security risk management for healthcare.

ePHI Data Inventory

The Immersive data-driven method starts with a technology-enabled inspection to garner best visibility into your data universe.


Controls and Measures

Immersive introduces an inventory of security controls and measures from which we evaluate your level of specification, implementation and management for each control.

NIST-based Risk Analysis

NIST establishes the methodology for risk analysis that the industry is expected to implement and that is the methodology that Immersive employs.

Data Governance

Oculus DDRM introduces key elements of data governance to strengthen the chain of trust between data creators, consumers and those that safeguard it.

Performance Monitoring

A data-driven information risk management program must be accountable for its performance with specific remediation, monitoring and staff training priorities. Review. Respond. Report. Repeat.

The Compliance Halo

When information risk management is implemented well, compliance is a natural by-product. Good practice creates a “halo effect” – we call it the Compliance Halo. Rather than working from the “outside in” – letting compliance requirements guide the work, Oculus DDRM works from the “inside out” by focusing on the data, and the people, processes and technology that factor into your risk.

Retool Your Approach to IT Security Risk Analysis

Elevate Risk Management Performance

Engage Stakeholders and Workforce In a Meaningful Way

Solidify Compliance and Enforcement Posture

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