2016 was a big year for Immersive.  We brought new solutions to the market in every one of our service lines.  We strengthened our existing partner relationships and established new ones.  We implemented new tools, new technology, and new methodologies to help us deliver smarter and faster.   We are very proud of all that was accomplished in 2016.

But – that was s-o-o-o-o 46 days ago!  What have we done lately?  A lot!

The first item we’d like to share is our change of address.  We are now officially located at www.immersive.healthcare.  To most, this is a subtle change.  Some may not notice at all.  The old address forwards seamlessly to the new.  There’s really not much to see and that’s exactly what we want.  However seamless and simple the transition may seem, trust me, changing your online identity is no trivial task.  So, why did we do it?

  • Our trusty, faithful URL has served us well but was never well-liked.  In 2010, our startup had few choices for URLs.  “immersivellc” was the least worse option available at the time.
  • Ease of discovery.  How many people looking for “Immersive” online, would instinctively add an “llc” to our name when trying to find us on the web?  You really had to hunt through all of the Immersives in all of the industries to find us.
  • Clarity to our current and prospective customers.  Immersive is a data lifecycle management company.   Data lifecycle management transcends every industry but we do not.  We are focused entirely on healthcare and it has been that way from the beginning.  Adopting the .healthcare domain tells the world instantly, who we are and whom we serve.

2017 is quickly eclipsing 2016 in terms of Immersive’s growth and innovation…and its only February.  We look forward to sharing more changes, enhancements, and additions with you in the coming months.

Attending CHIME/HIMSS17? Let’s take 15 minutes together to learn more about where we share common goals and purpose. Request a meeting here: https://immersivellc.wufoo.com/forms/z96mtz408y87dh/


Dan Rounds, President




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