Oculus DDRM harmonizes data governance principles with information risk management to establish deliberate alignment between data-driven strategic business initiatives and data protection programs

October 30, 2014 – Panama City, FL Advancing its work in healthcare data management solutions, Immersive today introduced Oculus DDRM, an information risk management framework driven by and responsive to an organization’s data assets and data strategy. Oculus DDRM harmonizes Immersive’s expertise in the areas of data governance, data management and data protection to serve clients with a straightforward and exacting approach to security risk assessment and information risk management.

“The healthcare industry has struggled to implement security risk assessment and information risk management successfully,” stated Stephanie Crabb, Principal at Immersive. “We put our energies into understanding the industry’s performance gaps and quickly identified two recurring challenges – execution and alignment. Oculus DDRM explicitly focuses on the data itself to trigger action in two specific tactical pathways – data governance and NIST-based risk analysis. When pursued in harmony, a natural alignment between the data and strategic/operational initiatives emerges and the right stakeholders are engaged and empowered.”

Oculus DDRM was designed with simplicity, repeatability, and transparency in mind. The guideposts of the framework include:

  • “Best Visibility” Data Discovery and System Characterization
  • Data Governance Principles
  • NIST-based Risk Analysis
  • Security Controls Review
  • Performance MonitoringImmersive’s portfolio of information assurance project and managed services offerings are all delivered using Oculus DDRM

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