I love a good infographic – one that actually coalesces and communicates “bite-sized” facts that a person can use in his/her own communications. This infographic, published LightCyber, offers a couple of really important points for healthcare security, audit and compliance professionals to note.

One of those is the length of time that cyberattackers go undetected in our networks once they are in. Many of the breaches of 2015 and those in 2016 to date, result from an IT or hacking incident. In many of those cases, as the infographic depicts, the actual breach occurred months, and even years in some cases, before it was detected.

What kinds of controls do you have in place and what kind of monitoring do you perform to ensure that your detection capabilities would surface a potential breach early in its lifecycle? Now let’s think about our information sharing ecosystem and our data trading partners. What are they doing to ensure that their detection efforts will thwart a possible breach? Our organizational risk is amplified and elevated with each information sharing partner that we include in our data sharing circle of trust. Our collective responsibility is to secure that common trust.

The other important point from this infographic is that we have new methods and tools at our disposal to understand these risks and take action to mitigate them. We have better intelligence gathering and monitoring capabilities that are very affordable and accessible.

Immersive’s partnership with SecurityScorecard casts light on not only your organization’s cybersecurity risk, but that of every business associate or data sharing partner that you want know about – on a one-time basis, periodically, or 24x7x365.

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Here’s the infographic:

INFOGRAPHIC-2016-The Sick State of Healthcare Data Breaches

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