ClarityDG Framework

Strengthen the chain of trust between your data creators and consumers, as well as those responsible for safeguarding it.


Kickstarter Workshop

This half-day interactive workshop introduces the discipline of data governance. The objective of the workshop is to educate and “level set” to establish a foundational understanding of data governance for critical stakeholders.


Environmental Scan

Formally identify where data governance is being performed today and identify particular areas where challenges and opportunities for performance improvement exist, across a series of critical domains and against our ClarityDG maturity model.

People & Organization Build

Data governance is as much a people program as it is a technology and process program. ClarityDG establishes proper leadership, organizational structure and aligns decision-making authority, working in harmony under a program charter.



Program Charter Development

The Data Governance Charter sets out the broad expectations for implementing data governance and documents program vision, mission, responsibilities and capability requirements.

Roadmap Preparation

Immersive works with you to develop a detailed roadmap that enumerates key activities, contributors and timelines to accomplish data governance program objectives.



Immersive employs proven program management, practical methods, structures and tools in order to ensure successful implementation and outcomes realization.

ClarityDG KPI Scorecard

Using the ClarityDG Maturity Model, Immersive provides periodic review of program performance, publishing a formal KPI scorecard and recommendations for continued program advancement.


Adopt A Framework Designed for Healthcare

Establish Data as a Most Valued Asset

Engage Stakeholders and Workforce In a Meaningful Way

Enable Data Use in the Most Impactful Way

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