A #kareochat with Immersive Co-Founder Stephanie Crabb

The importance of data-driven services and programs in healthcare has grown significantly in recent years. In fact, we are betting on it, going “all in” with big data initiatives to advance population health, innovations in care delivery models, and to adapt in this era of reform.  But in this race for data – to create/collect more of it, harness it, put it work in productive ways – organizations are moving at very different speeds and are equipped in very different ways. Not all industry segments are benefiting from this data movement, leading to what some experts are calling a “data divide.”

Immersive Co-Founder and Principal, Stephanie Crabb hosted a #kareochat on Thursday, June 8 at 9 am PT guiding fellow tweeters through a conversation about the state of data in healthcare and what it means for providers and patients.

The chat was captured here in Storify: https://storify.com/GoKareo/the-data-divide-analytics#publicize

Check it out and check out #kareochat every Thursday at 9 am PT.



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