The Immersive team was part of a special working group, convened by CHIME and AEHIS, to comment on NIST’s most recent RFI on cybersecurity. Thanks to the CHIME legislative team for this  helpful recap.

Key Takeaway: CHIME and AEHIS last week submitted comments to National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) on a Request for Information (RFI) on cybersecurity.

Why it Matters: NIST in August issued a RFI — “Information on Current and Future States of Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy” – with goal of gathering input for its upcoming recommendations for strengthening cybersecurity. CHIME and AEHIS made nine overarching recommendations on the challenges and barriers to improving the current state of healthcare, including:

  1. The need for federal agencies to improve transparency of known threats in order for the healthcare industry to better implement risk mitigation strategies.
  2. The need for more actionable and plain English guidance about current threats.
  3. Since a growing number of medical devices are now connected to the internet and hospital networks, cybersecurity needs to be seen as a business issue related to patient safety, not just an Information Technology problem.

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