Business Associate Risk Management

Data-driven, technology-enabled solutions for every healthcare covered entity

Defining the Standard


Healthcare organizations have been searching for a reasonable approach to Business Associate (BA) management that does not require a small army to execute. Immersive and SecurityScorecard are making meaningful and sustainable Business Associate management possible with common-sense methods and state-of-the-art technology. All of Immersive’s solutions are powered, in some way, by the SecurityScorecard security risk benchmarking platform.

Start as narrowly or as broadly as you wish

Infinitely scalable

Surprisingly affordable

Highly impactful in reducing third-party risk

Foster collaborative working relationships


Initiate a framework-based, standards-driven, purpose-built BA risk management program to comply with HIPAA and to contribute to your enterprise risk management program leveraging the Shared Assessments Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM).


Consolidate scattered silos of information about your vendor and data sharing relationships.  Identify BAs and strengthen existing policies and procedures to align with OCR guidance.  Services can be delivered in a facilitated manner or let Immersive do the work in collaboration with your staff.


Stratify your organization’s portfolio of BAs into meaningful risk categories so that a continuous risk-based approach to BA management can be operationalized.



Activate proactive and investigative BA compliance management: real-time monitoring, alerting, validation audits and reviews, policy & procedure refresh, program templates and documentation.


Employ a modern MSSP approach to BA risk management combining BAinventory + BAstratify + BAmanager + SLA-driven monitoring and alert management.



Use industry-leading technology to gain instant visibility and continuous monitoring of BA or third-party security risk.


Make informed vendor selections through data-driven risk analytics.  BAinsight visibility delivered in an on-demand model.


Introduce practical education designed to provide regulatory and enforcement awareness to your organization and your BAs.


Leverage on-demand consulting, advisory, and staff augmentation services to support your organization’s BA risk management.

Accelerate a Meaningful BA Management Program

Identify, Validate and Take Action on Risk Indicators Quickly

Create a Collaborative Culture with your BAs

Solidify Compliance and Enforcement Posture

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