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OCR HIPAA Desk Audit Readiness

Immersive has developed a proprietary method in anticipation of the launch of OCR’s document-driven “desk audit.” This remotely-delivered, virtual simulation evaluates your readiness to respond to a structured document request, the quality of your documentation and the appropriateness of your program approaches to the areas of HIPAA compliance that the OCR has prioritized.

HRSA 340B DPP Audit Readiness

Leveraging the processes and standards set forth by The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for both on-site and desk audits, Immersive brings its data management acumen to evaluate your readiness for a HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program Integrity Audit. An inspection of documentation, policies, procedures and controls, as well as testing of transactions processes and records is conducted.


Data Quality & Integrity Audit

Immersive’s discrete audits of critical data sets identify data quality, integrity, usability and trustworthiness strengths and deficiencies that may significantly impact key clinical, operational and financial decisions at the bedside and in the board room. Offered as one-time baseline audits or in a managed audit program, elevate your data confidence and analytics power knowing you are working with “clean” data to start.

OCR HIPAA On-Site Audit Readiness

Combining the OCR’s published protocol with best-practice audit methods proprietary techniques, Immersive leads you through a “tip to tail” simulation of the audit experience to evaluate your HIPAA program documentation, practices and procedures, and workforce adherence. Our findings often go far beyond HIPAA compliance readiness and reveal meaningful business and operational insights.

MU Attestation Audit

Immersive’s Meaningful Use Attestation Audit provides a verification and validation of Meaningful Use metrics for all core and menu measures that are required for attestation. The audit confirms the EHR’s reporting capability, patient populations, and verifies calculations for meeting attestation metrics. Immersive verifies your organization’s readiness for or adherence to MU attestation requirements emulating the CMS audit process through documentation review and a site survey.

"Best Visibility" ePHI Data Discovery Audit

Knowing where your ePHI is created, where it goes and where it resides at rest, inside and outside of your enterprise is, and always has been, the requirement of HIPAA. There simply is no shortcut to doing this correctly. It is not good enough to simply create a “list” of your ePHI-driven applications or to list the business associates (BAs) with whom you share ePHI. Immersive employs industry-leading data discovery technology with healthcare data know-how to dramatically improve the confidence that an organization has when asked, “Do you know where your ePHI is and where it is going?”

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