Future-Proofing Through Data Innovation

Be better tomorrow than you are today, and every day after that. Sometimes small steps have a big impact. We help clients take small steps and big leaps with their data, safeguarding it at all times. What are you going to do tomorrow?

Heart of the Data

Data and information are the lifeblood of your organization. They are the fuel for decision-making, from the bedside to the boardroom. Immersive works with you to make your data the fuel that you need to power your organization.

Organic Change

Your people are your change agents. Meaningful and sustainable change has to come from within…no technology is going to do that for you. Let us help you win hearts and minds about data – to shift behavior and change culture, organically.

Our Wheelhouse

Our solutions portfolio is thoughtfully and rigorously designed around your most valued business asset – clinical, financial, and operational data.


Immersive’s ClarityDG Framework serves your organization where IT and the business intersect to do the work necessary to establish data confidence, credibility and authority, internally and with your data sharing partners.



Data management is more than data models and storage strategies. Immersive employs an enterprise view of data management to improve interoperability, reduce broken workflows, and increase the usability and value of your massive data assets.



Healthcare reform starts with strong enterprise intelligence which has its foundations in data collection and analytics. Immersive works with you, at this critical inflection point, to realize your pursuit of the IHI Triple Aim.



Immersive’s Oculus Data-Driven Risk Management (DDRM) Framework elevates the conversation and the work beyond compliance. Our portfolio of advisory, technical security, risk, and managed solutions align the right resources with the right efforts.


Our Approach

Simplicity in design. Efficiency in execution. Accountability to performance. These principles guide our work. We are naturally collaborative. We acknowledge that the work is hard. We walk before we run.

Discover and Connect

We take the time to learn about your organization, your team, the current state of things and the objectives for our work. We build meaningful relationships with the people who are going to be the agents and custodians of change. Then, together, we tackle the work.



We plan the work and work the plan. We communicate often. We bring proven processes and tools to ensure success, but we also remain open to finding smarter ways to get the job done as we navigate the nuances of your unique environment.

Measure and Expand

We measure against the stated objectives and always document next steps. We establish quality and progress check-ins even after our work is done. And, if it makes sense, we re-engage to discuss expanding upon the previous work to sustain forward progress and improvement.

News & Insights


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